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Being and Awareness

The cosmos that our scientists talk about inspires wonder. So too does our own existence. "Being" has been a big word in philosophy. Life gives us awareness in varying detail of those with whom we associate and whose company we enjoy. We enjoy an awareness of the physical universe around us, and some of us enjoy knowing as much as we can about what is happening in the world, about current events and human history. Dying when he did, Julius Caesar missed a lot of what has happened with humanity since his time. And I must admit that before I'm 100 I'll lose my awareness of what will happen just as Caesar lost his. Dying, as I see it, is forever. Our senses, our knowledge and our consciousness I believe to be functions of our brain. I see no evidence of consciousness continuing after death. I have not heard the voice of anyone whom I know to have died. I do not believe my parents or others I have known who have died are aware of what I'm doing. And it will be the same for me: I will not be able to look upon those still living. But I can be thankful for the awareness that I have had (beginning in the year 1933). Awareness gives life meaning, and I means an awareness of the actual rather than fooling myself with fantasies, which is not awareness.

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