Considering the Past
Humanity across the Ages: Points for Perspective


Creation (from Big Bang to biological differences)

Humanity out of Africa (a common ancestor)

Hunter-Gatherers and War (strangers as evil spirits)

Early Religion (magic, spirit, and storytelling

Ancient Civilizations

China and India

Agriculture on the North China Plain (includes human sacrifices)

Civilization to India (Harappa disappears, then Aryan invasions)

Hinduism, Caste and Wisdom Literature (Vedas, expansion, the Upanishads)

The Jain and Buddhist Rebellions (different ideas and new organizations)

Hinduism's Scriptural Epic Poetry (the Ramayana and the Mahabharata)

The Middle East

The Sumerians (inequalities, writing, slavery, cities at war)

Empire, Migrations and Babylon (to Hammurabi and defeat explained by sin)

Egypt and the Pharaohs (to Ramses II's enslavements)

The Land of Canaan, to King David (the haughty oppressor)

Israel and Judah Overrun (Assyria conquers and the "lost tribes")

Captives Compile Scripture (Babylon conquers and priests defend Jehovah worship)

Babylon, Persia and Judaism (The Persian Empire in Judah)

Zoroaster (Zarathurstra) and Judaism (introducing the Devil and Armageddon)

Europe and the Greeks

Dark Skins to Pink (40,000 to 4,500 years ago)

Greek Scripture: Homer and Hesiod (playful and negligent gods)

Greeks become Philosophical (including Pythagoras, the first theologian)

Athens, Democracy and Slavery (a democracy with problems)

Greeks against Persia and Themselves (chauvinistic Athens chooses empire)

Stupid Stuff: The Great Peloponnesian War (losing hearts and minds and the war)

Fall of Sparta and Rise of Macedonia (a launching pad for Alexander the Great)

Alexander and Hellenistic Civilization

Alexander the Great (defying Aristotle's racial chauvinism)

Race and Alexander's Successors (asininity among the powerful lives on)

Economic Growth and Culture (expansive commerence, education)

The Cynics (virtue by dropping out)

Wealth, Poverty and Revolution (failed attempts and Iambulus's utopia)

Judaic Scripture into Greek

Hellenism and the Maccabean Revolt

Rome, Empire and Christianity

Rome Dominates the Italian Peninsula

More Stupid Stuff: The Punic Wars and Imperialist Expansion

Fall of the Roman Republic

Family Values

Caligula, Nero and a Few Others

Prosperity and Decline to 306 AD: Before the Christian Emperors

Emperor Constantine and Christianity

Ethnicities and the Fall of Rome

China's Authoritarian Successions

Warring States and a Balance of Power Failure, 475-221 BCE

Emperor Gaozu of Han to Emperor Wen of Han, 206-157 BCE

Han success turns into Decline and Fall, 157-9 BCE

Failure of the Confucianist Emperor Wang Mang BCE

Another integration-disintegration cycle: Rise and Fall of the Eastern Han Dynasty

During the Jin Dynasty, 265-420

Grandeur and Weakness to 1279 and the Mongols

The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644

The Middle Ages in Europe and the Mid-East

Sin, Infants and Saint Augustine against the Devil

Religion and Authoritarians, to the death of Justinian I

Making Way for Islam: Empires at War

Islam's Rise from Cultural Diffusion

The Brotherhood of Islam and Succession, to 750 CE

The Same Disintegration of Empire for Islam's Theocracy

Christendom: Authority for the Wealthy, Tribulation for the Peasants

Migrations, Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire and Feudalism

Christianity Spreads in Europe, and Divides

The Crusades


Climate Change, Economics and Politics, 1050-1500

Middle Ages: Closer to Science

The Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries

Columbus meets Native Americans

European Discoveries and Science

The Enlightenment

The French Revolution: Origins

The French Revolution: 5 May to 26 August 1789

The French Revolution: Ferver and Foolishness to 1795

Napoleon: Flawed Hero

Anti-Enlightenment and Europe'e Conservative Order

Europe to 1831: The Status Quo Challenged

Bad Tactics and Failed Revolutions, 1848-49

Industrialization, Class and Well-Being in Britain

International Conflict, Industrialization and the US Civil War

Reconstruction and Civil Rights in the US South

China, Japan, India, Industrialization and Empire

Decline of the Ottoman Empire

Unifications on the European Continent

Autocratic Russia and Student Rebellion

Smith, Mill and Marx, Tolstoy, Bukarin and Others

More Ideology, to Darwin and Spencer

Impulse to Empire: North and West Africa, 1830-80

Empire from South Africa northward, to 1900

Empire into the Pacific, to 1900

Range Wars, Gold, and Ameican Indians

A US "Gilded Age"

Empire and the World Wars

World War One (the Great Illusion)

Empire to 1908

Power Rivalry in Europe, to 1912

Assassination and Miscalculation, to June 1914

Into War Leaping, to August 3, 1914

Mindsets against Negotiation, to January 1915

Stupefying Ground War, to December 1916

War at Sea and the United States

Revolution and more Failures, 1917


Peace Treaty

Communists, Fascists and Empire, to World War Two

Lenin and Revolution

German Revolutionaries help the rise of Fascism

Failed Leftist Rising and Fascists to Power in Italy

Who was Hitler

Appeasement and War: Europe 1919-1939

Japan, Empire and War, to 1941

After 1945

The Cold War


The Eisenhower Years

Mao's Leaps and the Cultural Revolution

The Kennedy Years


Trouble in Cambodia

End of Maoism

Brezhnev and Economic Decline

Reagan: "Staying the Course"

End of the Cold War

Illegal Immigration into the US

Illegal Immigration and the Border with Mexico, 1924 to 1996

Illegal Immigration and the Border with Mexico, 2001 to 2015

Atomic Age

Japan's Surrender and the Bomb (23 Aug '15)

Cold War Confusion: Kissinger and the Eisenhower Administration

Cold War Confusion: Kissinger and the Kennedy Administration

Cold War Confustion: Kissinger and Vietnam Policy to 1969

Nixon, to the Eisenhower Presidency (11 Aug, '15)

Nixon and Vietnam (8 Aug, '15)

Buckley and Mailer (17 Aug, '15)

Syria Timeline, 2011-12: prelude to international crisis (15 Oct, '15)

Arguments against intervention in Syria, 2013-14 (17 Sep, '15)

Labor, Capital and Government Intervention, 1870 to 2015 (21 Dec ,'15)

The Movie Noah (3 Apr, '14)

The Jarawa (hunter-gatherers)