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ISIS and Bush Administration BS

The CIA was on to something — according to the PBS documentary Frontline on the founding of ISIS (rebroadcast on 20 June '17).

In 2002, before the Bush administration sent US troops into Iraq, the CIA saw ISIS founder Zarqawi at a terrorist camp in northern Iraq. The CIA wanted to strike, but the White House was opposed. Zarqawi was more useful to the White House alive than dead. Here we have a terrible price to be paid for Bush administration BS. The White House wanted to link President Bush's enemy, Iraq's President Saddam Hussein, with al Qaeda terrorism. Zarqawi was that link, described as such by Bush's Secretary of State Colin Powell in a February 2003 speech to the United Nations. (Powell mentioned Zarqawi 21 times in the speech but was to say he couldn't remember having done so.)

Zarqawi started his insurgency in Iraq in August, and he built a force aided by mistakes concerning Iraq by the Bush administration's man in Baghdad, Paul Bremer. The world saw Zarqawi on a video cutting off the head of an American freelance journalist Nicholas Berg.

The documentary is also critical of President Obama's decisions regarding the ISIS threat after he became president.

A transcript of the documentary is here.

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