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Some have described freedom as something of the inner-self, that a person chained in a dungeon is free if he allows his imagination to set himself free.

Freedom can be described as power over circumstances. We are freer if we have the money to buy what we need or want, including transportation to wherever we please. Freedom can also be associated with access to knowledge. Knowledge allows us more choices.

People who believe in representative democracy see freedom in people choosing who represents them as law makers. And they see freedom in the right to information supplied by a free press.

Some have found freedom in leaving political power in authority figures, as when they were when children regarding their authoritarian parents.

Utopian anarchists have dreamed of people being free to do just as they please. (We have seen how that works out.) "Freedom to chose" has become a popular slogan referring to economies where people make and sell whatever they want and people buy whatever they want. Some say fine, but to avoid being absolutist about it they favor at least a little government regulation to protect the public. A variety of goods on the market is one kind of freedom, but having the money to buy it or having the ability to bargain about wages or the price of goods is something else.

Freedom that someone wants for himself might involve denying freedom for someone else. But the word "freedom" used often in the Bill of Rights, gives us balanced through a rule of law.

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