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Hurrah for Democracy

Where the people in an area are sovereign, and when they follow their rules for governing themselves, there is democracy. Where power instead is with a family, as with a monorachy or a clique of individuals (an oligarchy) there are eventually succession problems – the source of much of the bloodly conflict that has plagued humanity through the ages. It plagued the Roman Empire, which suffered through wars and slave revolts.One succesion issue in England made the War of the Roses. Rule without representation made the American Revolution, which eventually developed into a democracy. Autocracy in Russia produced the Russian Revolution in February 1917, and again in November.

An enemy of self-government, stability and tranquilitiy has been military conquest. These date back the Sumerians more than 5000 years ago, who first conquered and made slaves of mountain people. Then they warred against each other. Then there were those ancient Dorian Greeks called Spartans.They conquered and made slaves of those called Helots, and they lived in fear of slave revolts. Military conquests date back also to the ancient Chinese and bloody history of wars against each other, and their neighbors against them. And in the 20th century there were Italian and Japanese imperialism, and Germanexpansion.

In the 21st century even autocrats like to pretend they are democratic. Democracies dominate and are the most stable societies, while autocracies suffer from civil wars and failed uprisings.

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