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We are all Philosophers

All of us, you, me, the janitor, the fundamental Christian, Muslims, physics professors, are philosophers. Some of us may not "love" learning or philosophy as a subject or as a discipline, but all of us believe in knowledge and like to think we have organized it well enough. We can't help but organize the information that has entered our brain.

Experience, including reading, puts bits of information into our memories. Reason happens when we connect these into a coherence mental picture, with greater details making finer (less grainy) pictures.

It helps if we pay attention to the connections we are making, in other words how we are putting our ideas together. That enhances us as philosophers. We differ in the artistry of that organizing.

Some of us make sloppy generalizations, but we trudge ahead, attached to our own ideas and disliking or ignoring the rival ideas of others. We would be better philosophers if we measured our ideas against the ideas of others, but not everyone has the patience for that.

The mental pictures we create are most clear without metaphors, but poetry and lyrics (sometimes decorated with music) are also used. They add emotive power to our ideas and not clarity.

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