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Joel Osteen

The likable preacher Joel Osteen suggests that like eagles we rise above the criticisms of others, that rather than argue and try to change these complaining others (crows who can't fly as high as eagles) we rise above them and leave it to God to do the changing while we move forward in peace.

Osteen's sermons appeal to people who are seeking spiritual advice and serenity. Osteen and I have different big pictures of reality. Where would we be without a clash of opinion? Considering long-range history, we would still be living in a theocratic dictatorship. Where would our universities be? Universities thrive on competition among ideas. Osteen is preaching self-satisfaction (in addition to praising the Lord) — but not righteously. He doesn't thunder. He comes across as reasonable and with a degree of modesty (which is why I describe him as likable). Osteen is against unfriendly criticism and insults. Most of us are.

Osteen wants his audience to be happy, satisfied and at peace with themselves as they "go forward" open to receiving God's blessings. I'm interested in people listening to others and questioning so they can better connect with reality and make better choices.

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