Big Bang, Biology, Early Religion

Ancient Civilizations

the Middle Ages

Asian Civilizations

Europeans to the 17th Century

18th and 19th Centuries

20th Century to 1945

After 1945


Tweets — mostly the work of others

A Few First Thoughts — short and simple

Philosophers — includes Gary Gutting, Susan Haack, Socrates, Wittgenstein and others

Philosophical Issues — includes atheism & agnositicsm, accident, subjectivity and abstractions, antinomies

Science — neuroscience, biology, computers versus imagination; math and numbers; space and time

Morality — includes Moral Relativism and Sam Harris

Politics — morality and modern government, freedom, Aristotle, Hobbes, US Constitution

Books — most recent: Trusting Doubt, by Valerie Tarico (published 2010)

Misc/People — includes Alice Walker, Putin, Ernest Hemingway, Steve Jobs

Subject Timeline since 2013


13 Mar – Responses to Elizabeth Bruenig's Nordic Socialism

11 Mar – Are we becoming more fascist?

  1 Mar – Political Parties and Change

21 Feb – Two obituaries: Billy Graham, Günter Blobel

  6 Feb – National Wealth Comparisons in Dollars

11 Jan – More about Cosmos basics

  4 Jan – Chicken-and-egg, Black Holes and Galaxies, Dark Energy and Time

25 Dec – Faith better than Doubt?

18 Dec – Nine things you think you know about Jesus that are probably wrong, by Valerie Tarico

21 Sep – Korean War versus Vietnam

29 Aug – books: The Trial of Adolf Hitler, by David King