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This is my taking measure, or summing up, from the Big Bang through human history to politics today. It's about others who have done the same — the philosophers, especially those I appreciate. It's anti-myth, and I like to think that I don't go beyond our ability to know. I push my point of view, but I try to make my descriptions accurate.

This is my second website. My first I sold in 2015 to a British company that specializes in educational sites. I was 82 and didn't want it to disappear with me. Describing my first site, a guide to the internet edited by Dennis A.Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman, writes:

Frank Smitha is an amateur historian who has developed a set of very impressive online world history interpretive essays that could be profitably used as a world history text book. They cover world history from antiquity to the present. The essays are impressive not only for their scope, but also for their balance and emphasis on the interconnectedness of history.

I don't like being described as an amateur after twenty-five years or more of study and hard work – but okay. Professional historians are thought of as holding university positions. They publish their work on paper, rather than for free on the internet. Lately they have been attacked as elitists, but I think their work should be respected.

I welcome your opinions and help, sent here.


Formal education: Glendale Community College, Sociology at UCLA (1963-64); independent study of History at UC Berkeley, reading and researching what interested me — especially World War I — while engaged in political activity and employed part-time as a reprographer by the university (1965-73). After I left UC Berkeley I gave up my outsider romanticism and gave into my PhD wife's insistence that I at least get a BA, which I did, with honors, at California State University, East Bay, 1977.