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About this Site

I'm not asking you to believe anything. I'd like you to consider. My subjects are world history and philosophy. And the two are interconnected. My philosophy is derived from having read about ancient times as well as reading modern philosophers. My bias is empiricism. Modern history in empirical. My beliefs fit into a historical context.

Regarding verification, we no longer need to turn paper pages of materials at or from a university library. The work of verification can, to a large extent at least, be done online. And I welcome your corrections. My first concern is reality, not defense of my point of view. If you find inaccuracy or false assumption in my work, maybe you would be kind enough to tell me about it.

This is my second website. My first I sold in 2015 to a British company that specializes in educational sites. I was eighty-one and didn't want my work to disappear with me, and I needed the money.

Describing my first site, Dennis A.Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman, write:

Frank Smitha is an amateur historian who has developed a set of very impressive online world history interpretive essays that could be profitably used as a world history text book. They cover world history from antiquity to the present. The essays are impressive not only for their scope, but also for their balance and emphasis on the interconnectedness of history.

I don't like being described as an amateur after twenty-five years or more of study and hard work – but okay. Professional historians are thought of as holding university positions. I have a BA with honors in history, acquired at age 43 (with a background of highschool dropout, Marine Corps, world wanderer, and community college). One of my professors at Cal State Hayward tried to get me a scholarship for graduate studies at his Alma Mater, Stanford, but it wasn't forthcoming. I spent eight years on the Berkeley campus, running copy machines, sitting in on classes, attending lectures, drawing from the university's many libraries, and as a political activist. But that says little about my competence as a historian.

I know how little one needs to know to acquire a BA, but Barbara Tuchman had only a BA. And historians with doctorate degrees have different perspectives. My approach is to respect all efforts in the field of history built on research and honest description.