Big Bang, Biology, Early Religion

Ancient Civilizations

the Middle Ages

Asian Civilizations, 6th to 16th centuries

Europeans to the 17th Century

18th and 19th Centuries

20th Century to 1945

After 1945


A Few First Thoughts — short and simple

Philosophers — includes Gary Gutting, Susan Haack, Socrates, Wittgenstein and others

Philosophical Issues — includes atheism & agnositicsm, accident, subjectivity and abstractions, antinomies

Science — neuroscience, biology, computers versus imagination; math and numbers; space and time

Misc/People — includes Arnold Toynbee, Alice Walker, Putin, Ernest Hemingway

Morality — includes Moral Relativism and Sam Harris

Politics — morality and modern government, freedom, Aristotle, Hobbes, US Constitution

Books — most recent: Trusting Doubt, by Valerie Tarico (published 2010)

Subject Timeline since 2013


12 Jul  – A link to "I am America"

  6 Jul  – More about the Singapore Summit

18 Jun – Sequence and the Singapore Summit

29 Mar – Mathematics

13 Mar – Responses to Elizabeth Bruenig's Nordic Socialism

  1 Mar – Political Parties and Change

21 Feb – Two obituaries: Billy Graham, Günter Blobel

  6 Feb – National Wealth Comparisons in Dollars

11 Jan – More about Cosmos basics

  4 Jan – Chicken-and-egg, Black Holes and Galaxies, Dark Energy and Time

25 Dec – Faith better than Doubt?

18 Dec – Nine things you think you know about Jesus that are probably wrong, by Valerie Tarico

21 Sep – Korean War versus Vietnam

29 Aug – books: The Trial of Adolf Hitler, by David King