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24 Apr – philosophers: Jean Baudrillard, (1929-2007)

23 Apr – David Brooks and the "Crisis of Western Civilization"

12 Apr – Confusion and Passion, 1917, 2017

10 Apr – Syria, Libya, Trump, Coulter, et cetera

  3 Apr – President Wilson making the world safe for democracy, April 1917

28 Mar – Trump fixing government with Kushner's business ideas

17 Mar – Arnold Toynbee, Civilization, and Steve Bannon's Intellect

  2 Mar – Murder and North Korea's Royal Family

26 Feb – Bannon at CPAC

22 Feb – Trump, Limbaugh and the Media controversy

20 Feb – Bannon's Fight to Save Civilization

16 Feb – Chief Strategist Bannon and History Lessons

13 Feb – The Ruling Elite, White Supremicists and Anti-Semites

  2 Feb – Scalia's Replacement, Textualism, and Money in Politics

27 Jan – history: Climate Change, Economics and Politics, 1050-1500

23 Jan – quotes

  9 Jan – books: Progress, by Johan Norberg

  6 Jan – Rural America supporting Trump 

15 Dec – science: Running helps Brain Connectivity 

 2 Dec – Ayn Rand and Compromise

23 Nov – science: Intelligence and Neurology

15 Nov – A Complaint about the Liberal Media


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